How To Add Attachments to Your Emails Remotely?

Have you ever been concerned about having all your emails stored at an ISP’s servers? Where once breached, all your private data is compromised. Or have you ever wanted to check an email that you received at your home PC while out on a remote location? How about adding an attachment from your local computer while composing an email remotely?

Now free, with our new I’m InTouch GoMail App, you will be able to View/Send/Reply/Forward Outlook emails from your IOS or Android device remotely and still have all your activities completely logged on your Outlook locally. Also you will receive notifications of new emails received at your Outlook to your Mobile device.  Plus, only with our new I’m InTouch GoMail App, you will be able to add attachments and save attachments to/from the local PC that you are accessing from your Mobile device.

With all your email activity kept locally, you will not have to worry about any privacy breach at your ISP.


How Do I Get the I’m InTouch GoMail App?

-          I’m InTouch GoMail can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play (Available in October!)

* Your Outlook computer must be I’m InTouch-enabled

How Does It work?

-          The I’m InTouch Desktop software must be installed on your host pc (The PC that you want to have access to remotely).

-          Make sure Outlook is configured as your mail client for I’m InTouch on this host pc.

-          From your mobile device, use I’m InTouch GoMail to log into your I’m InTouch PC and you will now be able to View/Send/Reply/Forward and add/save attachments locally from your IOS\Android device. (During first time access, you will be prompted to register that mobile device to receive notifications).


Main Features of I’m InTouch GoMail

Attachment Handling:   We are the only app that will allow users to remotely add attachments from the local host PC. At the same time, the user will be able to save attachments received in emails to the local PC.

Local Security: With the emails all being stored on your local host pc, you don’t need to worry about a privacy breach at your ISP anymore.


With the I’m InTouch GoMail app and the I’m InTouch Remote Access Software, you no longer have to worry about confidential messages possibly being compromised at an ISP, yet you can check and respond to your email anywhere anytime. Together with the ability to add and save attachments from the host PC while on your mobile device, gives I’m InTouch users a versatile worry free remote email tool.