Could RSA be cracked in 2025? – it looks like a strong possibility!

An interesting prediction has come to our attention – the RSA encryption algorithm may be cracked in 2025, which is just around the corner.

Although 2025 is an indirect conclusion (if you ask ChatGPT how many qubits are required to crack RSA the answer comes back as 4000 and IBM’s development roadmap of 4000 qubit being sometimes 2025) the implications of such an event are significant, and it’s crucial to explore potential solutions to ensure the security of our digital world.

While this prediction may not be set in stone, it’s worth contemplating the possibilities and considering the measures we can take to protect our sensitive information. That’s where IronCAP™ comes into play. IronCAP™ is a cutting-edge, patent-protected, post-quantum cryptographic system that utilizes not only Post-quantum Cryptographic algorithms approved by NIST but also Goppa Code-based technology predicted to be included into the final approval list of NIST later in 2024.

What sets IronCAP™ apart is its proprietary subclass of (L,G), which not only enhances security but also provides faster cryptographic operations, including key generation, encryption, and decryption. These advancements make IronCAP™ a compelling solution for safeguarding our data in a post-quantum era.

Designed to withstand the threats posed by quantum computers, IronCAP™ offers robust post-quantum encryption that can protect our digital communications and sensitive information. With the potential cracking of RSA on the horizon, IronCAP™ presents itself as a powerful tool to maintain the integrity of our online transactions and secure our personal data.

To demonstrate the strength of IronCAP™ post-quantum encryption, we are proud to offer a live demonstration for the general public. This opportunity allows individuals to experience firsthand the capabilities of IronCAP™ and witness its effectiveness in protecting information from potential threats.

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As we navigate the uncertainties of the future, it’s essential to stay informed and proactive in our approach to cybersecurity. IronCAP™ represents a significant step forward in ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of our digital world. So, let’s embrace the possibilities offered by post-quantum encryption and explore the future of cybersecurity with IronCAP™ as our steadfast companion.

Together, let us forge a path towards a more secure digital landscape, one where our information remains protected even in the face of emerging threats. Join us in this journey, and let your voice be heard as we navigate the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity. Together, we can build a safer future.

With the world’s fastest supercomputers, it would take around 300 trillion years to break the 2048-bit RSA encryption. A quantum computer would be finished with a similar task in merely eight hours!

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We at IronCAP™ have been trying to educate businesses and individuals that Q-day (the day the first quantum hack is publicly recognized) is around the corner and everybody needs to gear up. Nation states and governments are already at it, how about you? To learn more, visit

IronCAP™ is our latest innovation for the post-quantum cybersecurity. This patent-protected, post-quantum cryptographic system is based on the Goppa Code-based cryptographic technology. It has embedded our proprietary subclass of (L, G) making it not only more secured but also has faster cryptographic operations (key generation, encryption, decryption) than the traditional Goppa Code-based technology (McEliece). We are offering a live demonstration for the general public to try and experience the strength of IronCAP™ post-quantum encryption easily. To learn more, visit