Embrace the Post-Quantum Era in 2021

2021 is just ONE day away…cybersecurity experts and industry leaders are certain that their 2020 security concerns are here to stay and will get dramatically worse in the coming 2021 Any business operation must treat cybersecurity as a critical component. Cybersecurity wars are real and the cyber-risks associated to them are unfathomed.

The digital age is transforming every day and nobody can grasp all the cyber-risks that will come with the technological changes. We need to race with the cybercrime and advance our cybersecurity system. Adoption of post-quantum cybersecurity is the urgent next step that all businesses should take in 2021.

Stéphane Nappo, 2018 Global CISO of the Year, Vice President & Global Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Groupe SEB told Cybernews that a few things 2021 will bring:

  • Classical cryptography will lose the ground in front of quantum computing weaponization.
  • Post quantum cryptography will emerge (from theory to reality) as a necessary solution.
  • Data sovereignty will become a major concern for nations and their economies.

Stéphane Nappo said it all…your current security systems, such as RSA, will render obsolete in the post-quantum era. Quantum computing is now accelerating rapidly into commercial applications and that unfortunately will also include quantum hacking. The good news is that IronCAP has already successfully built a quantum-safe encryption that protects you from pre-quantum and post-quantum threats.

If the year 2020 has not opened your eyes on the urgency to make your data quantum-safe, then nothing will. Quantum cryptography is a foolproof way to prevent quantum hacking. Implement IronCAP’s cryptographic technology and be QUANTUM-SAFE, today and tomorrow.


The worst cyber-attack on US government

You read that right…the worst cyber-attack on US government was reported on Dec 17th, 2020.

The US energy department, the one responsible for managing US nuclear weapons, was breached. An attack of this nature could have unimaginable consequences but reports suggested while their network was breached, their arsenal’s security was not compromised. This is not it…the US treasury and commerce departments were also breached.

While government agencies are still gauging the method and scope of the cyber-attack, according to Oren Falkowitz, a former NSA official and the CEO of the cybersecurity firm Area 1 told CNN, “…first thing the attackers went for were email systems.” Sophisticated phishing campaigns are the easiest way to gain illegitimate access to any network but you can prevent that from happening.

You have to understand that cybersecurity is not just the concern of a government agency or large corporations. No one is “too small” for a cyber-attack.  In fact the smaller the business, the easier the attack will be. Think about this – it is far easier to penetrate thousands of small targets with low security measures than one big target with stringent security measures.

It is not true that good cybersecurity has to be very expensive. IronCAP X can protect your network and data from being phished at a cost-effective way. Get some peace of mind from IronCAP X, a proven secure, quantum-safe email encryption software that will let you authenticate and digitally sign your email.  For added security, the email is encrypted and can only be decrypted by the designated recipient.  It is time that we educate ourselves on email security and take measures to prevent data loss.

IronCAP X currently provides you FREE personal end-to-end email encryption usage. Want to know more? Visit: https://www.ironcap.ca/ironcap-x/


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Want to save millions of dollars in lawsuits? Quantum-safe encryption is the solution.

China just beat Google to the race of quantum supremacy, making it 10 billion times faster as per the report published on Live Science in early December, 2020. Recently a team of Chinese scientists developed the most powerful quantum computer in the world that can perform one task a 100 trillion times faster than the world’s fastest supercomputers.

U.S.A, China and many other countries are heavily investing in quantum computing. In fact reports from NDTV suggest China is spending US$10 billion on the country’s National Laboratory for Quantum Information Sciences.

Quantum computers could very well crack traditional encryption such as RSA by 2022. A 2019 DigiCert report suggested security teams need protection from quantum breaches by 2022. Becoming quantum-safe 2-years-too-early or 2-years-too-late is everything. The most valuable resource today is data and in 2020 alone we have seen large corporations such as Fire Eye, Zoom, Twitter and many more struggle to keep their data safe.

The growing ease with which hackers are breaching company and government agencies suggests quantum hacking may have already happened. IronCAP recognizes the risks of quantum hacking and can provide you quantum-safe encryption today. Our unique cryptography technology is designed to operate on conventional computer systems while at the same time can safeguard attacks from quantum computers. It is proven secure at a hackathon, vetted by industry experts and is low-cost.

Instead of spending tons of money in lawsuits to recover data, investing a fraction of it on your post-quantum cybersecurity NOW is the wisest business decision to make.

To learn more, visit www.ironcap.ca.


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Why you need a post-quantum cybersecurity strategy?

In today’s highly digitized, data driven world what do you need to stay safe from hackers? The answer is simple – bulletproof encryption for your data.

As we know development in quantum computing is accelerating and has reached a new milestone in 2020. On December 3rd, 2020, China reported massive progress in its quantum research; claimed quantum supremacy and will continue to invest in the future of quantum computing.  Additionally, tech giants such as IBM, Google, Amazon and Honeywell are significantly multiplying their quantum power each year.

In June this year, Honeywell released its quantum computers with the commitment to increase its power 10-fold every year. Honeywell’s quantum computers are already being used by enterprises like Merck, DHL, BP, and Accenture. President of Honeywell Quantum Solutions, Tony Uttley told Tech Republic, “Next year what we will see is the advancement into some areas that really start to show promise…” And Research Vice President at Gartner, Chirag Dekate said, “2021 will be a pivotal year for seeing the maturation of the vendor landscape. Amazon, Azure, and other cloud service providers are aggressively ramping up their quantum capability.”

As quantum computing advancements rocket, organizations and government agencies need to prepare for post-quantum cybersecurity. It is integral you save your data from eavesdropping hackers waiting for a gateway into your network. IronCAP’s patent pending, cryptographic quantum-safe encryption is the best in business.  Andrew Cheung, CEO at IronCAP, said, “It almost felt like having the bulletproof vest before the first bullet injury.” But we know Q day will come much sooner than most people think.  Our IronCAP encryption available today is designed to provide security to your data now and in the future quantum world.”

The Quantum revolution is coming!  Are you ready?

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Overpower Cybercrime with IronCAP X

The Director of Identity Security at Microsoft has been warning about the inefficacy of passwords and more recently about standard Multi-Factor Authentication. Malicious actors are looking to steal your data at all costs. With the ever evolving technological advancement, even the strongest password will not deter these bad guys for long, especially when quantum computing arrives.

One of the most common cyber-attacks today is via phishing. As you know phishing emails are sent by malicious actors posing to be someone you know asking for help or pertinent information. Phishing is designed to gain access to the victim’s personal information without them knowing. True story – Recently, one of our employees was a target of such a phishing email.  But because of IronCAP X she was able to distinguish between a malicious sender and an authentic sender.

Phishing is the most used hacking technique because the email seems to be coming from a legitimate contact.  He/She is in danger or needs help, and this makes us overlook the obvious warning signs. Here is when IronCAP X comes to use. IronCAP X is the world’s first quantum-safe, end-to-end email encryption and digital signature product. Our end-to-end encryption eliminates the intermediary server aka MITM (Man In The Middle) and our digital signature feature authenticates a legitimate sender from a malicious one. IronCAP X utilizes our patent-pending IronCAP Engine as the underlying cryptographic mechanism to ensure safety against cyber-attacks from not only the conventional world of computers today but also against future attacks from quantum computers.


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The Future of Cybersecurity – Post-Quantum Encryption

Among countless cyber breaches, the most shocking cyber failure this week was at Amazon Web Services – the data of more than 10 million users of some of the world’s most used travel websites including Booking.com, Expedia and Hotels.com has been exposed. Researchers at Website Planet reported at least total of 24.4GB of data was compromised.

Data breach is detrimental to the reputation of a company and can cause massive damages in different areas, such as:

  1. Disruptions to a company’s daily business operations.
  2. Damage to a company’s brand value.
  3. Exposure of sensitive, personal and financial information of customers, suppliers and business partners.
  4. Potential lawsuits and penalties.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in more data breaches than ever before proving malicious actors are in “full gear”.  The arrival of quantum computers brings them even more power. You need to know the fact that quantum computers can crack the current cryptographic encryption systems such as RSA, in just seconds. A quantum attack will not only compromise your data but also the digital-signature algorithms used to verify the identity of secure web sites.  We need to take control of our data and proactively make it quantum-safe NOW!

IronCAP ‘s unique cryptography is designed to operate on conventional computer systems while at the same time can safeguard attacks from quantum computers. It is proven secure at a hackathon, vetted by industry experts and is low-cost.  To learn more, visit www.ironcap.ca.



“No Phishing” with IronCAP X

California based enterprise security company Proofpoint said that IT security leaders are ill-prepared for a cyber-attack. Several of their surveys indicate that the lack of data security has put organizations at huge risk for financial and data loss. According to the World Economic Forum between 2019 and 2023, $5.2 trillion in global value will be at risk from malicious actors. The impact of these attacks will be far bigger than just financial loss – reputational damage, downtime, legal fees, compensation and remediation are only a few from the long list of terrible consequences.

Email security is extremely important from a personal and business standpoint. It is a medium that individuals use to communicate and exchange important confidential information. Unfortunately, the most common malicious attack is by phishing aka email fraud. Nearly every computer user has encountered an email fraud with phishing or ransomware in the last 12 months. As each day goes by our security systems are becoming outdated while malicious actors are advancing their techniques and schemes.  You’ve got to act now to prevent or avoid a cyber-attack.

Imagine how awful it would be if a malicious actor has got access to your email account and uses your identity to send out phishing email to your associates?  Why not get some peace of mind from IronCAP X, a proven secure, quantum safe email encryption software that will let you authenticate and digitally sign your email.  Recipients will know it’s a legitimate email if it’s coming from an IronCAP X user in their contacts.  For added security, the email is encrypted and can only be decrypted by the designated recipient.  It is time we educate ourselves on email security and take measures to prevent data loss.  It is 2020 and we got to be cyber smart to outsmart malicious actors.  IronCAP X currently provides you FREE personal end-to-end email encryption usage.  Want to know more? Visit: https://www.ironcap.ca/ironcap-x/

Have questions about email security? Reach out on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. We are here to help.

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Ransomware Has Gone Nuclear, What Is Your Prevention Plan?

Imagine what it would be like if we acted ahead instead of reacted after?

We hear about cyberattacks daily, so what are you doing for your data protection? Unfortunately, most companies and individuals will only work on pumping up their cyber security systems after they have been hacked.  They will regret that they have not strengthened their cybersecurity systems PRIOR to an attack. Instead of spending tons of money to recover data and return all business functions back to normal, investing a fraction of it on your cybersecurity will be the easiest to prevent and avoid cyberattacks.

Recently, Federal and other agencies issued a warning of an imminent cyber threat to U.S. hospitals and healthcare providers. These warnings were in a report released on October 28, 2020 to alert healthcare providers taking precautions to protect their systems. Let IronCAP help you get ahead in the cyber war.  IronCAP can help you build highly secure systems for data storage, remote access, encryption, digital signing, etc.  Our quantum-safe cryptographic system can protect you against ever-evolving illegitimate and malicious means of gaining access to your data.  Be cyber smart and together we can beat cyber criminals not only today, but also in the future world of quantum computing.

Learn more about us: http://www.ironcap.ca


FBI warnings

Your Cybersecurity is in Your Hands

Cyberattacks have become a common phenomenon in the Year 2020 and that is unacceptable. We have witnessed a significant rise in cyberattacks with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reporting a 400% rise in 2020. These numbers are staggering and growing every day.

In the digital age of 2020, cybercrime against individuals is accelerating. Cybercriminals access your system through phishing or social engineering attacks stealing your credit card information, internet browsing history, login credentials, secure passwords and the list is endless. According to experts the number of such cyberattacks have jumped from 20,000 to 30,000 a day in the U.S. alone. We have to be cyber smart and protect our own data.

At IronCAP we are concerned for your cybersecurity. Hence, our crypto scientists have developed a unique cryptographic, quantum-safe encryption for your data. This means you are not only protected today but also in tomorrow’s quantum world.

Being aware about cybersecurity is not enough.  You need to act and put in the process to avoid that risk.  Check out the different options IronCAP offers for individuals and businesses. We strive to create a cyber smart community.  Be cyber smart with us. https://www.ironcap.ca/ironcap-x/

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Act Now for Your Personal Data Security

Email phishing is the single most used tool for malicious hacking. In this highly tech savvy and digitalized world, it is easy to make anything appear “authentic” when in fact it is a malicious actor behind a screen. We hear about phishing attacks on large companies daily, but we fail to raise the alarm that hackers also target INDIVIDUALS with phishing emails to hack into our network. We as individuals need just as much cybersecurity as any organization. Act before you are the next victim of a malicious attack.

It has been over 6 months since we were hit by a pandemic and most communication has shifted to a digital platform. According to the World Economic Forum, more than half of the world’s population is online. Additionally, a million users hop aboard the Internet daily and two-thirds of the population has a smartphone or a mobile device. This digital economy is fueled by DATA. Whether you are a large corporation, a government agency or a hacker group, the more data you own the more value you hold.

IronCAP sees the importance of cybersecurity for individuals and realizes it can be an expensive investment for them. Hence, we have launched a FREE personal version of our end-to-end email encryption product, IronCAP X, that protects individuals TODAY and in the QUANTUM world.

With IronCAP X we strive to eliminate email phishing. It is the world’s first quantum-safe, end-to-end email encryption, digital signature product. This simply means it is end-to-end encrypted with no intermediary server and the digital signature immediately authenticates a legit sender as opposed to a malicious one. Don’t be the next victim of any cyberattack.  Act now and learn more at: https://www.ironcap.ca/ironcap-x/


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