Your Cybersecurity is in Your Hands

Cyberattacks have become a common phenomenon in the Year 2020 and that is unacceptable. We have witnessed a significant rise in cyberattacks with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reporting a 400% rise in 2020. These numbers are staggering and growing every day.

In the digital age of 2020, cybercrime against individuals is accelerating. Cybercriminals access your system through phishing or social engineering attacks stealing your credit card information, internet browsing history, login credentials, secure passwords and the list is endless. According to experts the number of such cyberattacks have jumped from 20,000 to 30,000 a day in the U.S. alone. We have to be cyber smart and protect our own data.

At IronCAP we are concerned for your cybersecurity. Hence, our crypto scientists have developed a unique cryptographic, quantum-safe encryption for your data. This means you are not only protected today but also in tomorrow’s quantum world.

Being aware about cybersecurity is not enough.  You need to act and put in the process to avoid that risk.  Check out the different options IronCAP offers for individuals and businesses. We strive to create a cyber smart community.  Be cyber smart with us.

FBI reporting

Act Now for Your Personal Data Security

Email phishing is the single most used tool for malicious hacking. In this highly tech savvy and digitalized world, it is easy to make anything appear “authentic” when in fact it is a malicious actor behind a screen. We hear about phishing attacks on large companies daily, but we fail to raise the alarm that hackers also target INDIVIDUALS with phishing emails to hack into our network. We as individuals need just as much cybersecurity as any organization. Act before you are the next victim of a malicious attack.

It has been over 6 months since we were hit by a pandemic and most communication has shifted to a digital platform. According to the World Economic Forum, more than half of the world’s population is online. Additionally, a million users hop aboard the Internet daily and two-thirds of the population has a smartphone or a mobile device. This digital economy is fueled by DATA. Whether you are a large corporation, a government agency or a hacker group, the more data you own the more value you hold.

IronCAP sees the importance of cybersecurity for individuals and realizes it can be an expensive investment for them. Hence, we have launched a FREE personal version of our end-to-end email encryption product, IronCAP X, that protects individuals TODAY and in the QUANTUM world.

With IronCAP X we strive to eliminate email phishing. It is the world’s first quantum-safe, end-to-end email encryption, digital signature product. This simply means it is end-to-end encrypted with no intermediary server and the digital signature immediately authenticates a legit sender as opposed to a malicious one. Don’t be the next victim of any cyberattack.  Act now and learn more at:


World Economic Forum

Prepare Today for Data Security Tomorrow

When we think about cybersecurity, we think of data protection and secure networks within the organization. While that is true…cybersecurity presents a much bigger scope of challenges and impact on everybody than most people know. According to researchers, cybersecurity directly affects the share prices. Studies show an average fall of 7.27% in two weeks after a publicly disclosed data breach. You don’t just lose data but also potential investor interest.

A post-quantum cybersecurity strategy is IMPERATIVE! Recently, financial institutions such as Visa and JP Morgan are said to be preparing threats from powerful quantum computers. Rajat Taneja, President of Technology at Visa said, “The for data we have is sensitive, and it is vast in quantity, so protecting that data is job number one for us.”

We are in the quantum era and it is a given fact that quantum computers can crack the current cryptographic encryption systems in seconds. RSA’s cryptographic method will be especially at risk. A quantum computing attack would not only compromise your data but also the digital-signature algorithms used to verify the identity of secure websites.

IronCAP is the one stop shop. Our unique cryptographic, quantum-safe technology shields your data from cyber threats today and in the quantum world. It is proven secure at a hackathon, vetted by industry experts and low-cost. IronCAP is available TODAY and seamlessly integrates with your existing systems. Tomorrow’s security depends on today’s preparedness.


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Quantum Computers Are Commercializing

Industry leaders are racing to build the most powerful quantum computer. Whether you talk about IBM or IonQ or D-wave, their common goal is to develop a powerful and viable quantum computer for commercial use. IonQ just announced it has built the most powerful computer yet with 32 perfect qubits and claims to use IBM’s preferred quantum benchmark to hit a quantum volume of 4,000,000. In fact, D-wave too just launched a 5,000 qubits quantum computing platform. While D-wave uses a different technique from IBM, the goal remains the same, i.e. quantum supremacy.

As we know quantum computing has been around for a while.  It will for sure change the landscape of data security. In fact quantum hacking can be here already given the different platforms available today. The world needs to gear up for a powerful hack that could breach all existing security systems in place. NSA already warned government agencies and companies to be quantum-safe back in 2016. We need to advance our security systems to beat quantum hacking. IronCAP protects you from cyberthreats today and in the quantum world. Its unique cryptographic technology is quantum-safe providing bulletproof encryption for all your data. Our goal at IronCAP is to prevent cybercrime, data loss and promote a safe cyberspace.

From the top leadership to novice technology users, we all need to be cybersmart and proactive. IronCAP is industry vetted and confident it can keep you quantum-safe.

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Wake Up Call to Alarming Increases of Cyber Threats

A recent study from CrowdStrike reported that customers faced more cyber intrusions in the first six months of 2020 than in ALL of 2019. Researchers observed an increase in malicious activity by 154% compared to 2019. This is a wake up call to your cybersecurity!

Remote work forced by the pandemic has compromised network securities, companies and government agencies are seeing system failures on a day-to-day basis. Recently ransomware took a cruel turn costing a patient her life in Germany. ZDNet reported, “…. the woman, who needed urgent medical care, died after being re-routed to a hospital further away, as a nearer hospital was in the midst of dealing with a ransomware attack.” We can be better prepared.

As we know quantum computing power is rapidly accelerating. IBM just launched a quantum computer that can solve real world problems. However, cyber threats will also amplify in the world of quantum computers and it is ignorant to believe our current security systems, such as RSA can continue to protect us.

Quantum-safe encryption is the only solution to the cyber threats in this digital age. You can be cybersmart by using IronCAP encryption. IronCAP’s cryptographic technology will provide a quantum-safe, bulletproof shield for your data today and in the quantum future.


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Quantum-Safe Encryption Wake Up Call

There is an urgent need for quantum-safe encryption. This is a fact based on information from industry leaders, investments made by government agencies and large corporations. Here are some facts from 2020:

  1. The U.S. Department Of Energy (DOE) invested $625 million on Quantum Research Science Centers and awarded $115 million to Quantum Systems Accelerator (QSA).
  2. Honeywell just launched its latest quantum computer with a quantum volume of 64 qubits and said it will increase its quantum volume 10-fold every year.
  3. IBM research director predicts a Quantum App store is arriving soon – a code repository where software developers can make their written code available to anyone.
  4. And IBM just committed to a functioning quantum computer with a 1,121 qubits quantum volume by 2023. A quantum computer that can tackle genuine real-world calculations.

From Google declaring Quantum supremacy in October 2019 to IBM claiming that we are already in the decade of Quantum Computing at the CES 2020 to then all of the quantum advancements above, we are certain the Quantum Computing revolution is accelerating dramatically! In fact, quantum hacking may be happening already. The world needs to be quantum-safe for pre and post quantum threats NOW.

Back in 2016, the National Security Agency (NSA) asked government agencies and companies to ACT NOW and be quantum-safe. Even industry expert Jeremy Kahn has said, “Quantum computers threaten to end digital security.” Our current securities systems such as RSA cannot protect you from quantum hacking.

IronCAP provides cryptographic quantum-safe encryption for your most valued asset AKA data. It can provide bulletproof encryption at a low cost for businesses and individuals. IronCAP’s technology is quantum-safe, fast, secure and has been vetted by industry leaders and corporations.

IronCAP’s encryption is the “vaccine” to the upcoming “Quantum Pandemic”.  Get your “immunization” TODAY!

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Cyber Attacks Have No Boundaries

There are cyberattacks on corporations and government bodies daily. We have all heard of the famous Twitter hack where a number of high-profile politicians and tech leader accounts were hacked to scam people into transferring their cryptocurrency. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are not immune to hacking. A newly discovered family of malware, KryptoCibule, has been stealing cryptocurrency from users since December 2018, as per security firm ESET.

Quantum computing is now accelerating rapidly into commercial applications and that unfortunately will also include quantum hacking. The good news is that IronCAP has already successfully built a quantum-safe encryption that protects you from pre-quantum and post-quantum threats.

Clearly, cryptography is the key and quantum-safe encryption is the bulletproof vest for your data. Your traditional computers are not quantum-safe and cannot withstand the power of quantum hacking.  BUT IronCAP’s patent-pending cryptographic technology can make you quantum-safe.

If the year 2020 has not opened your eyes on the urgency to make your data quantum-safe, then nothing will. Quantum cryptography is a foolproof way to prevent hacking. Implement IronCAP’s cryptographic technology and be QUANTUM-SAFE, today and tomorrow.

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Want To Encrypt Against Phishing Scams?

A cyber cold war is here so we need to encrypt our data. This week Bloomberg reported phishing hacks on European government officials, diplomats, and other global players to gather economic intelligence about the pandemic.

COVID-19 has reset our thinking on email security, end-to-end email encryption is now critical more so with the imminent arrival of quantum technology. Today, most cyber-attacks begin with a simple phishing email designed to hack all your data and it will be easier in the post-quantum world BUT quantum-safe, end-to-end email/file encryption can protect your organization and data from “Phishermen”. IronCAP X is the world’s first commercialized quantum-safe application for end-to-end email encryption AND it is FREE for personal users.

IronCAP X will change your outlook on email security and end phishing scams. Sending sensitive information such as legal documents, financials and other business contracts will be 100% secure as IronCAP X’s encryption ensures that only the intended recipients can read the messages. Easily accessible, IronCAP X email encryption software is FREE for personal usage and comes with a “seamless invitation” mechanism that will automatically insert an invitation message to non-IronCAP X recipients facilitating them to sign up easily for IronCAP X in order to read the encrypted message.

So stop sweating data security, its 100% safe, here right now and even in the future quantum world. Use it…(IronCAP X) or lose it..(your data)

Get IronCAP X for FREE here:

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Are You Prepared For A Quantum Future?

Quantum is here and the world is unprepared. YES, the world is unprepared for a powerful technological future.

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced August 26th 2020, they would spend $625 million on quantum advancements and also awarded $115 million to Quantum Systems Accelerator (QSA), a new research center led by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) that will harness quantum information science for technological advances and discoveries. This will fast track the transfer of quantum technologies from the lab to the marketplace.

Are you prepared for a quantum marketplace? Quantum advancements bring along quantum threats and IronCAP is at the forefront of cybersecurity. Our CEO, Andrew Cheung, built IronCAP with the vision to protect all data from quantum threats. Its unique cryptographic technology is bullet proof, time tested and vetted by major players in the industry as quantum-safe.

Your current security systems, such as RSA, will render obsolete in the post-quantum era BUT IronCAP’s technology will protect you from quantum threats as well as traditional cyber threats. The world is advancing, get IronCAP today before it is too late.



IronCAP X Version 1.1

The power of quantum computers threatens our data security; and the threat of breaking all our digital and data security is clear and present.

Today a vast majority of emails are sent unencrypted with no digital signatures making them the perfect playground for bad actors/hackers. While there are many email encryption services available, none of them are quantum-safe. IronCAP X uses industry recognized GPG technology to provide end-to-end email encryption and is the only one quantum-safe.

IronCAP X can positively change your email communication to safely send emails with sensitive information such as legal documents, financials, other business contracts. It is PROVEN SECURE! End-to-end encryption combined with digital signatures protects your data ensuring ONLY the intended recipients can read the messages. IronCAP X email encryption product is free for personal users and is compatible with a “seamless invitation” mechanism which will automatically inserts a message to invite non-IronCAP X recipients to sign up for IronCAP X in order to read the encrypted message.

In this global pandemic cybercrime has increased by 400% and a majority of data breaches are due to phishing attacks. We can change this by using IronCAP X. This product will effectively shut-down the source of most malicious activities such as ransomware attacks and phishing email scams.

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