Gartner predicts demise of Virtual Private Network

Gartner’s June 2019 analysis predicts that 60% of enterprises will phase out their Remote Access VPN by 2023 replacing it with Zero-Trust Network Access. The global pandemic and “work from home” makes VPN even more vulnerable, more than ever.

This week we saw countless criticisms of VPN protocol; now under constant attack by bad actors thanks to the massive move to work from home. The VPN’s flaw is that it establishes too much trust between the remote user and the corporate network. Now bad actors can hack into the remote computer to gain access to the entire corporate network. Phishing is the easiest and most popular method for hackers but IronCAP X can stop that with (quantum-safe) end-to-end encryption and digital signatures on emails.

To stay safe we must  eliminate VPN and switch to a zero-trust remote control technology such as I’m InTouch. This is Zero-Trust Network Access allowing remote devices to login to a gateway for initial authentication requiring a multi-factor system. Only then can the user access the specific system they are authorized too. An effective zero-trust system like, I’m In Touch, will disallow any illegal access on the remote device or network and protect your network 100% of the time!

So the best coffin for bad actors and malware is the Zero-Trust Network Access solution such as I’m InTouch paired with IronCAP X quantum-safe encryption and digital signatures. Don’t get caught phishing again…upgrade to Zero-Trust Network Access, says Andrew Cheung and incorporate a quantum-safe encryption IronCAP X while you are at it.

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National Security Agency Issues VPN Warnings

How safe are VPNs? Not so much according to the National Security Agency warning issued today!

The NSA issued a new cybersecurity advisory today warning people against Virtual Private Networks’s (VPN). They could be at high risk for cyberattacks if not secured correctly and many are insecure as the risks of cyberattacks rise.

The NSA’s advisory said VPN gateways in particular are “prone to network scanning, brute force attacks, and zero-day vulnerabilities. [N]etwork administrators should implement strict traffic filtering rules to limit the ports, protocols, and IP addresses of network traffic to VPN devices.”

Andrew Cheung, Visionary and CEO of IronCAP, wanted to build something safer. The vision was to not just protect your data now but also armour for the quantum world. IronCAP protects your data with its unique cryptographic technology and seamlessly integrates with existing systems. The World’s most proven quantum-safe encryption that’s available to anyone.

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Mobile Banking Proven Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks

Mobile banking applications are highly vulnerable to cyber threats, according
to a report released by Positive Technologies. Their analysts found that NONE
of the 14 banking applications tested had acceptable levels of security and were
actually more vulnerable on the server-side than clients. Cyber-criminals will
certainly access sensitive data and steal from these users.

43% of the applications installed stored information on their phone in clear text,
at risk of being accessed by bad actors. Worse still…76% of the vulnerabilities can
be exploited without physical access and more than one-third can be exploited
without administrator rights. So hackers can easily access sensitive data, including usernames, account balances, transfer details, and the phone numbers bypassing all
authentication and authorization protocols.

None of this would happen if only these applications adopted proper encryption. Acknowledged encryption expert Andrew Cheung (CEO at IronCAP) urges all users, personal and business, to adopt the highest security measures. Every day hackers are scouting for vulnerabilities in software and programs and every day brings news of
new data breaches and hacks. If you are serious about data protection reach out to Andrew Cheung – his IronCAP encryption shields you against all cyber vulnerabilities and provides a bullet proof encryption for your data. In addition to that it is also quantum-safe which means you need not worry about the upcoming quantum hacking tsunami expected in 2022!

Blockchain Technology In The Quantum World

As we know cryptocurrency and blockchain is widely accepted today.
Cryptocurrency is redefining the conventional finance industry, and
blockchain is changing the face of businesses and governments today.
Powerful countries such as China are using blockchain technology for
their newly announced digital currencies. Blockchain has multiple
applications, it can be used for asset traceability, supply chain, trade
payments, global payments, banking systems, voting and even digital
identity. Using this very technology, new business models are evolving and
disrupting the existing ones.

While blockchain is a revolutionary technology it is vulnerable to
hacking with massive repercussions, the infrastructure endpoints
are at risk from a quantum attack. As we know quantum is
here, tech leaders such as IBM, Google, and Microsoft are developing the
most powerful computers that will one day hack the blockchain
infrastructure in seconds. State actors are investing massively
in quantum hacking, in fact many believe that the cyber cold war is already

Let me summarize the issue at hand, in the quantum world blockchain endpoints are
hackable by quantum computers, so entire currencies or infrastructure
records can be subverted within seconds. IronCAP can help the blockchain integrity, it was built to protect data against all quantum threats and can secure the blockchain endpoints. IronCAP along with the blockchain infrastructure will be invisible to all cyber threats.

A Seamless Email Encryption System

01 Communique Laboratory Inc. filed a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) for a Cryptographic System and Method that facilitates sending encrypted emails to a recipient.

Andrew Cheung, President of 01 Communique said, “This new patent application receipt is a very important milestone towards providing businesses and individuals with a seamless end-to-end encrypted email system that delivers encrypted messages that only the intended recipients can decrypt and read.” An added advantage of this product is that while it safeguards against attacks on today’s computers, customers can be ensured that they are also safe from future malicious Quantum Computer attacks.
In a traditional end-to-end email encryption system, the recipient must first be a user of the system before the sender can send encrypted messages to the recipient. The new method filed in the patent facilitates sending encrypted emails to a recipient without having to first require the recipient to be an existing registered user of IronCAP X. This invention enables a seamless plug-and-play mechanism to automatically invite new IronCAP X users fuelling a viral growth pattern.

The IronCAP X product encrypts sensitive emails such as those sent by financial, legal, and other institutions, and protects personal or business data. A key feature of IronCAP X is the digital signature of emails to confirm sender identity, this feature will shut-down the source of most malicious activities such as ransom attacks and phishing email scams.

01 Communique has achieved a milestone towards providing businesses and individuals with a seamless end-to-end encrypted email system. This will discourage hackers to attack email servers of email providers.



A Cybersecurity CEO In This Pandemic

Cybersecurity CEO, Andrew Cheung, at IronCAP sees this pandemic very differently than most CEO’s in other industries. COVID-19 has brought about a plague of cybercrime, phishing has never been so easy! This gives IronCAP the opportunity to shine, boost encryption, use bullet proof digital signatures and protect the data of users beyond anything that came before.

Through revolutionary technology, Andrew Cheung has achieved highest levels of security to protect your data now and in the quantum future. With Andrew’s 20+ years of experience in remote protocols and communication, IronCAP and its owner 01 Communique have been remote for more than 20 years! This allows Andrew to maintain control of day-to-day operations, manage staff remotely, and keep product launches on track.

Andrew said, “While it’s not easy we have to keep moving forward. I have created the technology (IronCAP) to ensure our users across the globe can protect their private data against current and future cyberattacks.” The unique cryptographic technology, digital signatures and end-to-end encryption not only insulate us from Phishing attacks but will completely eliminate Man In The Middle attacks too.

IronCAP is designed to be a bolt-on replacement of current cryptography (e.g. RSA) as it is compatible with existing infrastructure. Now more than ever a cybersecurity CEO wants to provide a safe cyberspace for people to freely navigate. IronCAP’s quantum-safe cryptography solution enables the construction of public-key infrastructure (PKI) to secure users against any adversary equipped with a quantum computer which is imminent. It encrypts data transmitted over the Internet, and is radically redesigned so that it is faster than RSA, can withstand a quantum computer cyberattack, and does not allow “back door” access to the data. Also, email messages sent using IronCAP X on a laptop or a mobile device, can NEVER be read by an unauthorized third party.

As a cybersecurity CEO, Andrew Cheung, in this rare pandemic envisions a future wherein, he with the help of technology can provide data protection and privacy to all.

Phishing Attacks and Prevention Methods

Nearly a third of breaches in the past year involved phishing, according
to the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report.

Phishing uses malicious emails to trick the recipient into believing
the message or sender is real and to click a link or download an
attachment. This activates allowing the “Phisher” to plant key logger
(a man-in-the-middle that captures your network credentials), a
ransomware bot and all kinds of nasty stuff.

They are used to accessing important data resulting in identity theft
and financial loss. The Coronavirus pandemic gives bad actors an outsize
opportunity; so scammers are launching literally millions like this every
day and sadly they’re often successful. They continually update their tactics,
but there are some keys to help us recognize and avoid Phishing.

Phishing emails and text messages look like they’re from a reliable
source, a person or a company you know or trust. Maybe a friend,
business contact, bank, a credit card company, a social networking site,
an online payment website or app, or an online store. And Phishing is deadly,
for example recent data breach at Magellan Health, one phishing email lead
to company data breach.

Ways To Prevent A Phishing Scam

According to Industry expert, Andrew Cheung, phishing emails can be hard
to spot but here are some tips to protect yourself:

- If you receive an email from a known contact but it seems suspicious,
contact them through another channel instead of replying to that email.

- Don’t post personal data, like your birthday, your itinerary, your
address or phone number on social media.

- Use IronCAP’s digital signature proofing along with end-to-end
encryption, the perfect cocktail of data protection and security.

“Man In The Middle” Cyber Attacks

We want to talk about “Man In The Middle” cyber-attacks. It is
something not everyone fully understands or knows but is very
crucial in our environment with cyber attacks on the rise. So we
asked an industry expert and CEO ofIronCAP, Andrew Cheung, to
break it down for us.

“Man In The Middle” (MITM) cyber-attacks happen when the attacker
doesn’t need access to your computer, physically or remotely. They
just sit on the same network as you, and suck in your data. They can
even create their own network and trick us into using it. MITM breaches
often happen at the network level – the evil transgressor associates their
hardware address with yours then all your data is diverted to the “bad actor”.

“DNS spoofing” is a similar strategy. The offender can forward legitimate
queries to a bogus site they control and then capture your data or use
malware. Therefore, bad actors can use “MITM” attack remotely, not in the
same room, or even on the same continent. One way to do this is with malicious

Another nasty “man-in-the-browser” attack (MITB) occurs when your
web browser is infected with malicious security. For example, the bad
actor manipulates a web page to show something different than the genuine
site. They often also hijack active sessions on websites like banking or social
media pages and spread spam or steal funds.

We Can Protect Ourselves BUT How?

As the hacking sophistication grows, so does the protective response
and we can protect ourselves.

You would think a VPN would be enough and will encrypt all
traffic between your computer and the outside world, protecting you
from MITM attacks. Yes and no, your security at this point is only as
good as your VPN provider; and many have disappointed recently.
A better solution for long term is IronCAP, it even deals with the future
issue of Quantum hacking.

To protect yourself from malware-based MITM attacks first practice
“good housekeeping” cybersecurity habits – don’t install applications
from sketchy sites, and log out of website sessions when you are
finished. But you can eliminate both MITM and Phishing risks -
IronCAP’s digital signature proofing along with end-to-end encryption
is the perfect cocktail of data protection.

IronCAP X Designed To Prevent Massive Data Breaches

01 Communique Laboratory Inc. is launching their new product, IronCAP X.

IronCAP X is designed to address privacy issues and protect personal data. It uses industry recognized GPG technology reinforced with IronCAP Quantum-safe encryption. It is faster than other encryption methods, end-to-end encryption, guaranteed safe against hacking now and future Quantum attacks.

In today’s tech savvy era privacy has become a  rising concern and quantum computers will pose a serious threat. Our personal data can be collected, shared, and maliciously hacked hence, IronCAP’s X is built to encrypt emails, protect your personal data  and prevent privacy breaches.

IronCAP X offers low cost encryption which will protect sensitive data from today’s cyber-security attacks and is free to individual subscribers, faster than popular alternatives and protects against the real prospect of future Quantum computer attacks.

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Free end-to-end email encryption!

01 Communique Invites Email Users to Try IronCAP X, launching April 23rd.

Quantum computers is the future and can be used by companies, governments, schools and even individuals. Along with quantum computing comes quantum attacks and that is where IronCAP plays an important role.

IronCAP X blends successful GPG encryption with a faster, user friendly , and Quantum-safe email encryption. IronCAP X is a free version for personal usage protected by IronCAP cryptographic technology and gives the users the ability to send and receive encrypted emails, digitally sign emails and files and encrypt sensitive files to ensure safety against cyber-attacks from not only the conventional computers today but also future quantum computers. IronCAP X is designed to integrate with everyday email clients such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and others.
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