Coming Soon IronCAP X Product Could Have Saved AIG $6M in Cyber-Insurance Payout!

Jeff Stone at CyberScoop reported that Insurance company AIG is responsible to reimburse a $6M loss to a client using their cyber-insurance. The client SS&C Technology was fooled by hackers in 2016, who sent spoofed emails pretending to be a legitimate supplier asking for payment. AIG denied the claim at first. The issue went to federal court and was ruled in SS&C’s favor.

These types of attacks are more common and costly than one might think. “Such attacks, known as business email compromise (BEC) scams, cost organizations an average of $301 million every month in 2018, the U.S. Department of Treasury previously determined.”

IronCAPX is an email security product that is coming soon. IronCAP X allows senders to digitally sign the email, so that recipients can trust the legitimacy of the sender. Moreover, IronCAP X digital signature feature is not only safe today but also in the future world of #quantumcomputers.

For more information, send us a message. For more information about the news, see the original article:

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Amazon Braket Image

Amazon Announces Braket Quantum Computing Service

What is Amazon Braket?

In December 2019, Amazon launched Amazon Braket, a quantum computing service. They also launched the AWS Center for Quantum Computing and the AWS Quantum Solutions lab, a research collaboration centre helping clients adapt to quantum computing applications.

Unlike other large players in the space (Google, Microsoft, IBM); Amazon is choosing specialized partnerships to enter the market, rather than building their own quantum computer. They are working with D-Wave, IonQ and Rigetti to provide quantum computing services through their cloud.

What does Amazon Braket do?

Amazon Braket will allow developers to access and build quantum algorithms and applications through a single interface. Amazon braket is currently in preview mode, with customers needing to apply to use the service (do so here:

Amazon Braket will allow a larger range of customers to access, use and benefit from quantum computing technology. Ultimately, this will result in faster adoption and development of quantum computers. As quantum computers become more developed, the need for IronCAP’s quantum-safe encryption increases. As many companies will need time to adapt to the technology, we recommend beginning your migration today to ensure your data is safe from grab-and-wait attacks.

To learn more about the Technical details of Amazon Braket’s service visit:

Amazon Partners Give Commentary

Speak to the implications of Amazon Braket. Quotes courtesy of Tech Crunch.

Charlie Bell, senior vice president, Utility Computing Services, AWS said, “With our Amazon Braket service and Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab, we’re making it easier for customers to gain experience using quantum computers and to work with experts from AWS and our partners to figure out how they can benefit from the technology. And with our AWS Center for Quantum Computing and academic partnerships, we join the effort across the scientific and industrial communities to help accelerate the promise of quantum computing.” (Tech Crunch, 2019).

Chad Rigetti, founder and CEO of Rigetti Computing said, “By collaborating with AWS, we will be able to deliver access to our systems to a much broader market and help accelerate the growth of this emerging industry,” (Tech Crunch, 2019).

D-Wave’s chief product officer and EVP of R&D, Alan Baratz said, “Amazon’s Braket will open the door to more smart developers who will build the quantum future, and the forward-thinking executives who will transform industries.” (Tech Crunch, 2019).


IronCAP’s $100,000 Hackathon Closes, IronCAP Proves Un-Hackable!

See our video announcement at

After much anticipation, IronCAP’s hackathon has come to a close. 517 entrants from around the world patiently wait to hear the results, as do our investors and partners.
We are so excited to announce that not a single hacker was able to crack IronCAP’s encryption! Despite 30 days to adequately study, test and hack IronCAP’s encryption, IronCAP’s encryption engine stood strong.

To our knowledge, IronCAP is the first quantum safe encryption product to successfully survive a hackathon challenge. This hackathon has shown customers and partners that IronCAP is the best choice for post-quantum encryption.

Developments in the quantum computing space are announced weekly. More large companies are entering the space of developing quantum computers (e.g. Intel) and making them more accessible to the world (e.g. Amazon Braket). The implications of stronger chips and greater accessibility are that the need for protection grows by the day. Don’t let your company become vulnerable to these powerful machines because you started your migration efforts too late.

01 Communique is leading quantum safe encryption and working with new customers, partners and investors every day. If you would like to begin integrating IronCAP into your security suite, or partner with us, email to get started.
For more information about our hackathon, see our infographic –


Technology_Speakers_at_Hackathon KickOff

IronCAP’s Tech Talks & Hackathon Kick Off Sold Out!

IronCAP hosted a sold out afternoon of tech talks and celebration. Along with Andrew Cheung, CEO of 01 Communique, other speakers included Jennifer Quaid of Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange (CCTX), Joanna W. Ng of Devarim Design and Lois Tullo ICD.D MBA CPA of the Global Risk Institute! All of the talks were interesting, thought-provoking and slightly anxiety-including. Attendees learned about the state of cybersecurity and how to quantify and manage cyber risk, AI & IOT. Attendees gained a better understanding of quantum computing and the threat it poses to traditional encryption. Andrew and the IronCAP team were excited to share the news about IronCAP’s expert validation, and LIVE public validation – our $100,000 hackathon! Register on our homepage.


If you would like Andrew Cheung / IronCAP to do a private presentation of their content at your meetup, workshop, internal company conference, or external conference, please send an email requesting information to Recently, we presented at Leading Cyber Ladies Meetup:

More information about each of the speakers are below, along with a link to a clip of their talk found on our youtube channel available shortly (

The Cybersecurity Speaker was Jennifer Quaid, Chief Operating Officer at the Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange (CCTX)! Jennifer discussed the current state of cyber threats, the cost of complacency and the growing importance of collaboration in securing ourselves. She also shared the potential impact of quantum computing on our cyber resilience, as well as some shocking stories about a hack on a Las Vegas Casino.

The Quantum Computing speaker was Andrew Cheung, who is the CEO of 01 Communique. Andrew is a serial entrepreneur and a co-inventor of 7 patents plus several patent-pending applications, with over 25 years of experience in communications, mobile, and cyber security solutions development. Andrew discussed the state of quantum computing and innovations in the field. He also shared news from IronCAP’s public endorsements from Dr. Persichetti in Florida as well as the CIO Review as the editor’s choice for most promising quantum computing solution.

The Risk Management Speaker was Lois Tullo from the Global Risk Institute! She discussed risks, cyber-attacks and the trend of Cyber Dependency. She also discussed risks and opportunities that Quantum computing presents and a framework for managing non-financial risks and trends.

The Artificial Intelligence Speaker was Joanna W. Ng of Devarim Design & IBM Master Inventor! Joanna gave an overview of Artificial Intelligence including intelligent virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant etc., an important application of AI. She shared upcoming innovations such as enterprise intelligence enabled by the integration of AI, IOT, 5G and Blockchain.




If you would like Andrew Cheung / IronCAP to do a private presentation of their content at your meetup, workshop, internal company conference, or external conference, please send an email requesting information to Recently, we presented at Leading Cyber Ladies Meetup:

Quantum Computer

Google Claims Quantum Supremacy, Leaked by the Financial Times

In a research forum shared by Google and NASA, the first claim of quantum supremacy was made. The report was removed from the site after the story was broken by the financial times.
A quote from the news breaking article; “Google claims to have built the first quantum computer that can carry out calculations beyond the ability of today’s most powerful supercomputers, a landmark moment that has been hotly anticipated by researchers. Google, claimed that their processor was able to perform a calculation in three minutes and 20 seconds that would take today’s most advanced classical computer, known as Summit, approximately 10,000 years.”
Source: “financial times, google claims to have reached quantum supremacy”.
What is quantum supremacy?
Quantum supremacy means that calculations have been completed by quantum computers that would take classical computers an insurmountable amount of time. This is an important milestone and indicator as to the viability and readiness of quantum computing for commercial applications.
The research paper from Google noted “This dramatic speed-up relative to all known classical algorithms provides an experimental realisation of quantum supremacy on a computational task and heralds the advent of a much-anticipated computing paradigm”.
A link to the article is available by searching google for “Financial Times, Google claims to have reached quantum supremacy”.
What does this mean for enterprises?
Enterprises should be paying attention to this breakthrough. Quantum supremacy indicates that quantum computers are getting stronger. It will not be long before enterprise grade, powerful quantum computers are in the hands of the public and potential bad actors. IronCAP’s API is available to protect enterprise digital assets and infrastructure from the threat of quantum computers.
IBM has also announced an opening of a quantum computation centre in New York State. 14 quantum computers, including the latest version a 53-qubit quantum computer will be available to commercial clients starting in October. Director of Research, Dario Gil is quoted; “Our strategy, since we put the very first quantum computer on the cloud in 2016, was to move quantum computing beyond isolated lab experiments conducted by a handful of organizations, into the hands of tens of thousands of users”.
More information is available at IBM’s newsroom (September 18th, 2019).

Andrew and Other Panelists Discussing Quantum Computing

September’s Quantum Computing Arrival Panel

Our Quantum Computing Arrival Panel was a hit. Our CEO, Andrew would like to thank fellow panelists Phil Kaye, PhD;  Roman Lutsiv, CFA, CMT; and Sean Oh for sharing insights. Thank you to attendees for your participation in a lively Q&A.

Phil kicked us off with an explanation of the differences between gate model quantum computing and quantum annealing (used by D-Wave). He spoke on optimization problems being solved by Quantum Computing, with an example being traffic routing in logistical challenges by Volkswagen.

Sean spoke next on what he has seen at the Quantum incubator at the creative destruction lab. He described some of the interesting start ups who had been through the program. He shared how the incubator helps develop the start-ups by connecting them with mentors and partners, as well as quantum computing hardware.

Roman spoke on how his company, Adaptive finance technologies, is using quantum computing and artificial intelligence to solve financial challenges. He spoke on how quantum computing is used in his application and the financial industry. Most notably, their products provide for AI and Machine learning driven investment management.

Andrew, IronCAP’s CEO, spoke on the need to be prepared for quantum computing’s arrival. He discussed known developments of quantum computers such as D-Wave and IBM. Having recently attended the NIST Conference where the world stage was well-represented, Andrew also mentioned unknown developments within foreign countries. Quantum computers are becoming more available to nation-state bad actors and companies can use IronCAP to defend themselves proactively.

We wrapped up the panel with many Q&As. All panelists agreed that companies should be doing more to prepare for quantum computing, and that the public and private sectors needed to work together to prevent brain-drain of IP and expertise to other countries.

Attendees now know that quantum computing has arrived and what we should do as organizations and individuals to adjust to this new reality. Did you miss the event but are curious as to what was said? Stay tuned for the video coming soon.


The Impact of Quantum Computers on Blockchains and the Solutions



Image2 (smaller)

An IronCAP meetup was hosting on July 18 about “The Impact of Quantum Computers on Blockchains and the Solutions”.  It was a huge success and we couldn’t get to all the questions.  A summary of the key Q and A is as followed:


1)      When should we begin to worry?


We should already be very worried.  Google’s key engineers have predicted that quantum-supremacy will be achieved within 2019.  Also a lot of data has a shelf life of several years.  Bad actors can “obtain and wait” until after the Q-Day to compromise the data.  Plus much of the infrastructure today such as blockchains cannot be easily converted to quantum-safe.  If a blockchain using non-quantum-safe cryptography is in operation, the task to reconstruct all the blocks quantum-safe standards is really tough.


2)      Why Code-based is our choice of cornerstone?


That’s easy… the “Test of time”.  Many experts believe code-based is the only one that has survived decades without a mathematical cracking theory.  In fact it is the accepted “standard of care” in EEC it is proven to be safe – but the digital signature is slow.  Hash-based is faster in digital signature but not very safe in encryption.  The other 3 potential candidates are relatively unproven for the lack of “test of time”.  IronCAP has combined the best from code-base encryption and hash-based signature, (enhanced by our patent-pending quantum-safe cryptography). It is both faster and safer.


3)      What about blockchain in the post-quantum world?


The structure of blockchain is not weakened by the power of quantum computers BUT the digital signature that blockchain relies on is.  Imagine if the authenticity of blockchain node can be compromised a hacker can  impersonate the node creating fake transactions.  The integrity of the whole chain will be corrupted within minutes.


4)      What about bio metric passwords?


Password and cryptography are 2 different categories in the world of cyber security.  Password is to prevent unauthorized access to the data on a device.  Data cryptography is to prevent the data from being understood regardless of whether that person has gained access to the data legitimately or not.  The latter is the bedrock of cyber security.


5)      IronCAP is interesting but how do we know it is real?


The product is developing at breakneck speed to respond to the desperate need. Our API will be published around Aug 1, which means full transparency.  To launch of our IronCAP API and IronCAP X (the world’s first quantum-safe email encryption system), we will hold more meetups August and September.



Prep yourself for the Post-Quantum Age!

01 Communique has launched a new website for desktops and mobile devices. You can obtain the latest information, white paper and video description about our IronCAP technology and its related products: IronCAP API and IronCAP X. They are one of the very first tools and software in the world that provide quantum-safe cyber security.

Customers interested to prep for the Post-Quantum Age can sign up as a beta user of IronCAP X on the website.

Get tomorrow’s cyber security, today!


01 demonstrates post-quantum email encryption

Rectangular X (color with thicker slogan)

Cyber security is a major issue for many organizations.  News of companies being hacked, private information exposed, and credit card information being stolen are heard on a daily basis.  As a result, companies lose millions of dollars and their reputation takes a hit.  Furthermore, because of the embarrassment and bad consequences that will follow, many companies do not report the hacks.

Hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated.  Quantum Computing is an upcoming technology that is generating immense interest.  According to the experts and literature, Quantum Computing will be able to break into any current encryption system within seconds.  This is what makes Quantum Computing unique and no current systems can protect organizations from Quantum Computing attacks. Once the Q-Day arrives, hackers or governments equipped with Quantum Computing technology can easily break into any encrypted system.

For example, China is taking Quantum Computing so seriously that they are investing billions of dollars into Quantum Computing research.  They are already looking into integrating Quantum Computing technology within their systems either in military or business-related activities.  Quantum Computing will certainly create a competitive advantage for those end users, organizations and governments who adopt it early.

01 Communique’s commitment to innovation and cyber security led to the development of IronCAP X, the world’s first quantum-safe end to end email and file encryption system.

With the increased sophistication of hacking tools and the fast approaching of quantum computing, IronCAP X is a necessity for everyone.  IronCAP X is ideal for any organization exchanging sensitive information across the internet and needs to protect its information residing on its servers from Quantum Computing attacks.   

On April 24 2019, 01 Communique performed a live demonstration of IronCAP X at its Annual General Meeting.  One participant asked if IronCAP X would have made a difference in safeguarding information during the 2016 election in the US.  Although the participant asked it as a tongue in cheek question, there is a serious side to his inquiries.

Quantum Computing has serious implications to cyber security.  Companies must get themselves prepared to safeguard their data not only today, but also for the future when the Q-Day arrives. 

The commercial launch of IronCAP X will be in the fall of 2019.  IronCAP X is free for individual users and will be available for $99.95 per user/year for businesses.

For more information and a live demonstration of IronCAP X please contact 01 Communique at

I’m InTouch v10.2 is now Available!!

Customer feedback is always the #1 priority in the continued improvement of our I’m InTouch service. Recently many computers come with more than 1 graphics adaptor. In this newest v10.2 we have included support for computers equipped with 2 or more graphics adaptors.

Don’t leave for holidays without installing the latest version of I’m InTouch.