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The stalwarts of remote access program from 01 Communique

Do you feel stuck when you have not carried some of your important documents at an important meeting? Is it due to security concerns that you are not letting your executives access some important files? Do not let the location or security concerns decide your fate as there could be some important things that you may need to access from a far away location.

You know how slow and tedious it could be working with any remote software. However, at 01 Communique, we have encapsulated all the best features into I’m InTouch, which could be termed as the fastest remote desktop software. We have taken numerous considerations while making of this program to suffice the needs of users, and to make it compatible with modern computer hardware.


I’m InTouch is the fastest remote desktop software currently in the industry. It redefines usage scenarios, and the wide areas of application have never been possible with other softwares that are currently available.

The application is fully equipped with the necessary security to allow access to all your sensitive data stored in the office or home computer. It is both convenient to use and cost-effective. I’m InTouch has already created buzz for being the most secure remote access platforms available in the market today.

Let us understand why would you need to access your desktop remotely?

I’m InTouch makes it easy to access files from any part around the world by instantly and securely connecting any electronic device to a computer at distant place. Remotely accessing the desktop ensures peace of mind by safely and securely giving you access to the most important files even at public locations. There is nothing that goes wrong while accessing the programs or files from the desktop at a distant place as it is maintained with preset firewalls and security settings.

You will not have to worry about tedious configurations of firewall and low reliability. You have the ability to use your personal computer from anywhere, for five minutes or five hours. Our software gives you the key to your desktop with all the applications, media, files, and documents. Also, your data only stays where it rightly belongs – the hard drive and nowhere else.

The Applications of I’m InTouch

  • For mobile workers: For those who are always on the move, create a distant desktop connection and access the programs, applications, emails on your PC at a far location.
  • PDA users: Get instant notifications about the new emails arriving at your home or PC office.
  • Sales Professionals: For sales professionals, it will be quite convenient to log on to the PC at their office to acquire information from the database about leads.
  • Parents: They could monitor their child’s activities on the computer in real-time using this software.
  • Small business owners:  Use the software to increase the productivity of their employees when they go out for important meetings and conferences.

01 Communique has established itself as the undisputed leader in developing remote desktop softwares with it’s wide range of applications pertaining to various uses. Here is the list of softwares:

  • I’m InTouch Remote Access Software: It is the standard remote access and control service that allows individuals connect and interact with their home or office computers that enables them to get the information and essential business tools that they may need anytime, anywhere with the help of a computer or wireless device that has an internet connection. This application allows you to check your Microsoft Outlook, or Outlook Express emails and attachments from a distant place. It is upto you to allow or disallow access to download the files with other enhanced features. With the Remote Control feature you are able to control your remote PC just like you would be working in front of it.
  • I’m InTouch Go: This is a supplementary application to remote access app.  It has the functionalities of the I’m InTouch software, however it enables the user to access the desktop on a distant location from their mobile devices, such as the smartphone and tablets with iOS or Android or Windows operating systems.
  • I’m InTouch Server Edition: This is the server edition of the I’m InTouch that allows the same features, however the distance is limited to your business premises. All effective administrative controls allow the administrators to configure and manage the files on the machine as required. The Wake-up technology allows machines to be remotely accessed even if they are shut down.
  • I’m InTouch Meeting: This state-of-the art program allows you to conduct meetings with your clients or employees around the world right from the computer’s desktop. You could quickly invite the attendees by email or by phone and you could start your meeting within seconds with the the help of this software from your computer with people in all parts of the world.


  • I’m OnCall: Let’s suppose your customer is at a far away location, and you need to help them with their problems pertaining to their PC, or some application, or more. How exactly are you going to help them in troubleshooting their problems? I’m OnCall is the inevitable solution that proves to be an efficient help desk application that will help you in auto configuring a temporary connection with your customer’s PC that doesn’t have the software pre-installed.

Configuration of The Application

You could trust I’m InTouch to build a strong shield of protection over all the access activities that take place from a distant location. The features include:

  • Dual login authentication
  • 256-bit encryption protection
  • Secured data server center
  • No ports opened
  • Session time-outs
  • Removal of session data
  • Password protection

The Convenience Of Going with 01 Communique

User Friendly Setup

Those who use our program would swear by the ease and the interactivity of the performance of our software. The application and user settings are optimized for use across multiple platforms.

Prominent Security Features

The program performs with security features that are designed for the banks. It is a 100% customizable program that allows the user to create their desired privacy and functionality settings.

Remote Desktop Management

For busy workplaces, the instinctive central administration feature in I’m InTouch makes it effortless to manage users, user settings, and physical authentication settings.

Free Updates

Your software is updated frequently at no extra charges. It means that your software will always be up-to-date with the best available in industry.

In addition to all those given in this article, 01 Commuique also has developed some best utility softwares to enhance your performance as a business enterprise. Have a look at our products page for the complete list.