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Topic: How To Remotely Access A PC Within An Organization

Ever felt the need to get some of the files stored on your workstation while you are in some other area of your workplace? Do you need a quick review of a report stored in your workstation PC that’s required in the meeting in the conference room? Want to know how to remote access a PC? You could configure the computers so that they could be accessible from almost all the areas of your office premises via any other computer. There is a myriad of ways to do this that includes built-in tools, downloadable programs, and browser-based extensions. However, one easiest way to access the main PC is provided by 01 Communique – I’m InTouch Server Edition.

This innovative application from the house of 01 Communique enables business houses to assemble a premise-based remotely accessible solution that provides the employees with the most secure connection to virtually any PC around the premise from anywhere. Adept administrative controls allow administrators to configure and manage the connection to their computers as and when required.

 The one-of-its-class Remote Wake-Up technology allows the machines to be remotely accessed even if they are required to shut down. You would never be restricted to access your computer when you need it just because it was not switched on. The Server Edition tends to enhance the productivity of employees by ensuring that they do not face any roadblocks, and maximize the overall performance by providing effective remote desktop solutions.

The server edition of our best-selling remote software from 01 Communique is specifically designed for the businesses that require a gateway server housed on their premises.

The authorized employees of your organization are able to access by logging into the office computers with our secure web based remote desktop software. This in turn helps for increased productivity, flexibility, and affordability.

Why Do You Need The Server Edition

I’m InTouch remote desktop software’s server edition could be highly beneficial for large businesses that store huge volumes of confidential data on in-house servers housed in the business premises. So, the time when the question arises about how to remote access a PC, you know where you should be heading. Here are some basic applications of our software.

Some major applications are:

  • It enables the employees to access important data that is stored on a workplace server from anywhere at anytime.
  • It helps mobile workers respond to their customers at the earliest.
  • It helps in cutting down the overall IT costs, any additional installation, and deducts the complexities involved in technology for huge organizations.
  • The organization could monitor the activities by deriving the details of their accessing sessions.

The salient features of our program

  • It works with Windows 8 (32 and 64 bit).
  • It comes with Secured Socket Layer (256-bit) encryption.
  • It is an affordable, and a convenient remote desktop solution, giving you all business information on your fingertips, regardless of where you are.
  • After installing the software at the business premise, your authorized employee could securely login to remotely control the PC’s within the office using the screen-sharing technology.
  • The connection is available to virtually any PC to traveling employees, IT Staff, telecommuters. The feel is similar to what you have when you work on your office PC. I’m InTouch is a U.S. patented technology with the numbers 6,928,479 & 6,938,076 that doesn’t require any pre-configured software on your device that is being used to login to the distant computer. What you need is the internet connection and the internet browser. Not only computers, but you could also use cell phones and wireless devices with internet access that could be used to login and remotely manage email and view files that reside at the office computer.

The Ease Of Working With Our Server Edition

There are numerous benefits of going with our software as compared to our competitors. We tend to ease up the whole process for our customers, who swear by the convenience of our services.

One-time license purchase

Depending on the number of PC’s for which you require a connection. However, you just need to purchase the license one time. It is an affordable and cost-effective alternative to the traditional VPN solutions.

Web based remote access

You could access the distant computer from any Internet browser. Thus, this eliminates the requirement to pre-configure the device that you are using to login with a specific software, in order to get access to remotely access the PC’s in your office.


I’m InTouch Server gateway ensures complete security for functioning behind your firewall or within the DMZ and also utilizes the standard Internet Ports 80 & 443 for all host PC to server communications. This eliminates the hassle of port forwarding to reach the PCs on internal networks and dynamic DNS solutions.

Easy Deployment

It is quite convenient to install the our server version within your user accounts, and network. The users are automatically invited to set up the remote access once you enter the employee’s email address in their account profile. The employees will simply need to download and run the InTouch enabling software on their PC and within a matter of time, they will be able to use the system. Users will be able to log in and work on PC as if they are physically present in front of the computer, thus eliminating the need of former training.

Highly Reachable

All the required administrative functions are available with I’m InTouch SE that establishes a communication between the remote user and the host desktop PC. All major processing is carried out in the host desktop. The unique “Distributed Processing” makes sure that a single server has the capacity of handling 500 – 2000 users, depending on the specific server hardware configuration.

Remote Wake-up Functionality

When starting a remote session, remote employees could Wake-up the previously shut down PC. With the help of the patent pending technology, an employee is able to log into the SE Wake-Up Server that find its PC on LAN and could put it on to enable a remote session.

Centralized management of the system

The software allows system administrator to conveniently add, delete, and manage users. They could also control user restrictions, allowing them to access only those features that you like. The system also lets you pull out usage reports of all users.

Equipped with 01 Communique innovative remote access technology, I’m InTouch SE comes with standard features, plus the additional security features including:

  • Standard firewall ports (80 & 443) in order to eliminate the chances of port forwarding.
  • Data and passwords will not be stored on a gateway server.
  • Authentication required to prevent the other PCs on the network to remotely access the main PC.
  • The office computer is featured with the preservation of O S-level access controls.
  • Login history available of all the remote sessions and the usage reports for all the users is available.
  • User-level restrictions such as time of the file access.

The Advantage Of Remote PC Access

Our customers swear by the dynamism and flexibility of the remote computer access software. We provide an innovative remote access that has been devised to satisfy the needs of corporate employees who need a secure access to the information stored at a remote place within the organization.

Follows the Current Security Standards

The remote desktop access software adapts to the existing security policies and uses the current security settings. The server gateway inside your premise is installed behind the firewall or within the DMZ for enhanced security.

User Friendly Tools

Mobile and remote workers are able to get full remote PC access to the desktop views and have complete control so that they could transfer files, print documents locally, and view audio and video files. In addition to that, they are also able to run the desktop programs on the remote PC, perform online training and more.


The total cost of ownership is quite less than the competitors’ products. In addition to that, there are fewer server hardware assembled, and the labor required is significantly low. We also offer affordable software upgrades and a pay-per-computer licensing model.


The requirements of a business house in terms of technology need to be satiated to ensure smooth functioning of all departments and the tasks to be carried out. With the help of the remote computer software, numerous tasks could be carried out efficiently while being on the move, and not being physically present in front of the required computer. Check out the various features pertaining to different I’m InTouch software and select the one that best suits your needs.