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I’m InTouch Remote Desktop Software – Fast, Secure, Convenient Remote Desktop Solution

Technically, a remote desktop is a term used for an application or an operating system that allows the desktop environment of a personal computer to be run remotely, while it is being displayed on a client device. There are multiple features of a this application. Some would allow attaching to an existing user’s session and remote controlling it. Taking over a desktop at a remote location is one form of remote administration.

For business houses and individuals who have been baffled by one question, “how to remotely connect to another computer?”, the answer partially lies in the question itself. Remote access could also be understood as a remote control of a particular computer, along with other connected device that is equipped with internet. One form of this application is widely used by numerous computer manufacturers and large businesses’ customer support, which helps them in troubleshooting their customers’ problems by having a look into their PC remotely. There are also various professional first-party, third-party, freeware and open source applications, some of which are also cross-platform and works across various versions of  Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Mac OS X.

What is the Remote Desktop Help Desk application From 01 Communique?

I’m OnCall is a convenient and secure application that would auto-configure a temporary connection into the customer’s computer or a Mac system without the need of any pre-installed program. This enables quick and efficient solution to the customer’s IT and technical support issues with one demand PC and Mac remote control. An exceptional live support that will truly win you accolades of your customers, is now possible with this application as resellers, IT helps desks, software dealers and other technical and support organizations could all benefit with diverse features of this revolutionary application.

It is an affordable, and secure online program that allows all kinds of businesses simplify their online live support through the internet.

Why Big Companies Choose Us?

With our application, support organizations easily access and support nearly all the computers. Troubleshoot PC’s, and servers, provide remote assistance, train remote employees, or perform system maintenance. All this is possible with the highest levels of security.

  • IT Service Desk: Access, control, and troubleshoot remote desktops, servers, and mobile devices, no matter what the operating system or network location is.
  • Customer Support: Chat, co-browse, and provide remote assistance to your customers.
  • Vendor Remote Access: Manage, empower, and audit third-party vendors and IT support services companies with privileged access to your corporate network.

The Benefits of Using Our Program

I’m OnCall is a totally web based program solution that has all the powerful features to meet the demands of businesses of any size. With our application, you could offer numerous options to your customers in order to help them get solutions to their problems in a matter of time. Here are some benefits of help desk software from 01 Communique.

You are at once helping the cause of raising your customer satisfaction ratings and competitive advantage when you start using the I’m OnCall program in your customer support department. Our software helps you cut down the time it takes to resolve the pain-points of your customer with state-of-the-art superior remote supporting technology, while reducing the overall service cost.

Why You Should Be Using The Our Software?

There is a myriad of applications of this software. However, for a support organization, what really matters is how they could save the time, and ensure the task to be carried out smoothly and efficiently. Similarly for the customers, the main concern is how quickly they could get a solution to their problems. The ability of our program to satisfy the needs of both the parties effectively is what makes our program an instant hit among numerous customers around the globe.

Companies across almost all the industries are now understanding the importance of a web based help desk program that allows to remotely connect to a computer and troubleshoot the problem. This ensures safe, efficient, and superior provision of remote support and customer service.

Equipping the service employees with an integrated remote desktop program is quite easy with the multiple benefits of our software:

  • Convenient: With the customer’s permission, the service representative is given an auto-configured temporary internet connection access to help customers troubleshoot the problem or solve the problems themselves.
  • Easy To The Pocket: I’m OnCall is priced per license and has very minimal upfront costs. Unlimited remote support session means that you will never exceed the monthly limit and each license will be shared between different users at different times.
  • Branded: Give the customers the best experience with a branded interface that would include the logo without actually having to develop the program.

Create A Customer-Centric Experience

A very well designed web based remote desktop program system will equip the service employees with the necessary tools to offer the best experience while quickly resolving technical and support issues.

Our survey has revealed that software vendors, and service providing companies that have implemented the software have noticed that their customer’s enjoy:

  • Enhanced resolution process for the problem
  • Reduced call times
  • Improved customer service

In simple terms, all the companies that use the advanced tools to enhance their online support service are able to provide an  exceptional customer experience that surpasses all expectations, and the competitors. When you go with our program, you take the whole experience several steps ahead.

The award winning I’m OnCall program is based on the patented remote software technology of 01 Communique, ensuring a cost-effective, on-demand help desk management solution.

With very low upfront costs to integrate this program into your service department, I’m OnCall has undoubtedly become the most sought after software today.

Who Could Use it?

It is for all those who are asking how to remotely connect to another computer. The software is developed to work across and benefit many industries that requires them to offer online support. Check out the most common applications of our application on the basis of various industries below:


It helps in establishing a lucrative remote IP support and business for technical services. You are already facing increasing competition from vendors, who are in the process of devising new lines of business and sales channels for their own growth. With decreasing margins on the sales or hardware and application, you are now required to look at new services required by the market in order to grow your revenues and profits.  An on-demand remote technical support is just the right answer and one of the major growing business opportunities, and is essential in today’s market for the acquisition and retaining of new customers.

Internal Help Desk

The application makes it convenient to assist employees at any location around the world  right from the remote IT support for your PC. The downtime of the employees of your organization could prove to be the biggest problem and is the biggest contributor to the disruption of the business. The remote desktop platform provided by us ensures that the IT technicians of your organization and customer support technicians are easily in touch with each other to help resolve the customer’s concern quickly.

Independent Software Vendors

Instantly assist your customers with online support and training sessions. Customers don’t have all the time in the world to wait for you to improve your customer service. Customer’s decision framework, is highly dependent on how well their expectations are met. Is it convenient to help them in configuring and using the application? How well are you able to diagnose the main cause of the problem, and provide a solution for it. The customer is only concerned about how well the whole process is carried out online without much wait time.

For vendors, it is also essential to have a strong foundation for post-sales relationship, and your customer service is the key to the same. Ensure that the customers get the best of your service after sales with state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Support Organizations

The revolutionary application from 01 Communique allows you to deliver exceptional customer service. You could quickly connect to the PC or Mac of your customer with our help desk application over the Internet and take full control of desktop remotely, within just seconds of their call.

Your customers trust you to support them, and thus they expect efficient, timely, and live customer support when they require it. They don’t have the patience at all when their computer is not working properly and expect you to provide quick solutions. I’m OnCall application helps you in establishing live customer support by connecting to the PC or the Mac of your customer, and take full remote desktop control. This helps in minimizing site visits and the time spent in pre-configuring the connection with the customer’s computer.

Managed Service Provider

You could automatically create a secure connection to the customer’s PC via internet within seconds of their  call.

A managed service provider (MSP) will help in managing and integrating the information technology components of businesses in the SMB market. This also includes overseeing the equipment, service for companies that are unable to constantly maintain their IT infrastructure. MSP’s most frequently deliver services on a subscription model, wherein customers will pay an annual or a monthly fee for the services.


The cut-throat competitive markets have made it very tough to increase the market share for many businesses, thus it has become increasingly important that your customers come back to you and they become your brand ambassadors. In order to ensure that this happens, you need to provide them with the best possible customer service and overall experience that will stay in their memories forever. Pre-sales and post-sales the customer should be able to trust you so that you could expect an ever-lasting relationship and become the promoters of your brands.

 In addition to that, it is vital that the employees within your organization carry out the technical communication effectively to ensure timely service for the customers. All these factors make it inevitable for your business to ensure that you assemble the best technology that cuts down numerous hassles and provide optimum results.

01 Communique has been a trusted brand for all remote desktop solutions for years and each product from our house is a master-piece in itself.