01 Communique Announces the Launch of IronCAP X Free Version

01 Communique announces their IronCAP X free version to be launched this April 23rd, an email encryption product for personal usage.

01 Communique has spent many years building the IronCAP Cryptographic Engine and is now ready to release IronCAP X, which is a quantum-safe email encryption product providing protection for all types of users and is designed to integrate with everyday email clients such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and others.

This IronCAP X free version for personal usage is designed as a showcase of the underlying IronCAP technology. Availability of the IronCAP X Business Usage paid version will be announced shortly after. IronCAP cryptography engine is quantum safe, low cost, easy to install; and designed to replace RSA quickly and easily. 01 Communique President,  Andrew Cheung, believes IronCAP is much faster and safer than RSA and encourage users to give our product a try to see for themselves.

To read more: https://www.accesswire.com/580730/01-Communique-Announces-the-Launch-of-IronCAP-X-Free-Version-Personal-Usage-Quantum-Safe-Email-Encryption-This-April-in-Toronto