01 Communique is offering FREE Usage of I’m InTouch Remote Access Services for 120 Days as Covid-19 Expands


FREE safe remote access!

While this pandemic takes over our lives, our work life has become difficult to cope.
01 Communique had foreseen the importance of working remotely and has adopted that culture for many years.

The massive increase in remote “at home” access, current remote protocol and encryption, products can’t keep up with demand. But 01 Communique can and is providing access to its state-of-the-art remote access product “I’m InTouch” for FREE for the next 120 days, from March 23rd to July 23rd.  This is CEO, Andrew Cheung’s way of giving back to our community in times of need and distress in order to ease working from home and help business suffer less.

Most small businesses and entrepreneurs are at risk right now but can remedy that by clicking this link to gain free access to remote access service:  https://www.accesswire.com/581503/01-Communique-Announces-120-day-Free-Usage-Offer-of-Im-InTouch-Remote-Access-Services-as-Covid-19-Expands