“No Phishing” with IronCAP X

California based enterprise security company Proofpoint said that IT security leaders are ill-prepared for a cyber-attack. Several of their surveys indicate that the lack of data security has put organizations at huge risk for financial and data loss. According to the World Economic Forum between 2019 and 2023, $5.2 trillion in global value will be at risk from malicious actors. The impact of these attacks will be far bigger than just financial loss – reputational damage, downtime, legal fees, compensation and remediation are only a few from the long list of terrible consequences.

Email security is extremely important from a personal and business standpoint. It is a medium that individuals use to communicate and exchange important confidential information. Unfortunately, the most common malicious attack is by phishing aka email fraud. Nearly every computer user has encountered an email fraud with phishing or ransomware in the last 12 months. As each day goes by our security systems are becoming outdated while malicious actors are advancing their techniques and schemes.  You’ve got to act now to prevent or avoid a cyber-attack.

Imagine how awful it would be if a malicious actor has got access to your email account and uses your identity to send out phishing email to your associates?  Why not get some peace of mind from IronCAP X, a proven secure, quantum safe email encryption software that will let you authenticate and digitally sign your email.  Recipients will know it’s a legitimate email if it’s coming from an IronCAP X user in their contacts.  For added security, the email is encrypted and can only be decrypted by the designated recipient.  It is time we educate ourselves on email security and take measures to prevent data loss.  It is 2020 and we got to be cyber smart to outsmart malicious actors.  IronCAP X currently provides you FREE personal end-to-end email encryption usage.  Want to know more? Visit: https://www.ironcap.ca/ironcap-x/

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