The Future of Cybersecurity – Post-Quantum Encryption

Among countless cyber breaches, the most shocking cyber failure this week was at Amazon Web Services – the data of more than 10 million users of some of the world’s most used travel websites including, Expedia and has been exposed. Researchers at Website Planet reported at least total of 24.4GB of data was compromised.

Data breach is detrimental to the reputation of a company and can cause massive damages in different areas, such as:

  1. Disruptions to a company’s daily business operations.
  2. Damage to a company’s brand value.
  3. Exposure of sensitive, personal and financial information of customers, suppliers and business partners.
  4. Potential lawsuits and penalties.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in more data breaches than ever before proving malicious actors are in “full gear”.  The arrival of quantum computers brings them even more power. You need to know the fact that quantum computers can crack the current cryptographic encryption systems such as RSA, in just seconds. A quantum attack will not only compromise your data but also the digital-signature algorithms used to verify the identity of secure web sites.  We need to take control of our data and proactively make it quantum-safe NOW!

IronCAP ‘s unique cryptography is designed to operate on conventional computer systems while at the same time can safeguard attacks from quantum computers. It is proven secure at a hackathon, vetted by industry experts and is low-cost.  To learn more, visit