Why you need a post-quantum cybersecurity strategy?

In today’s highly digitized, data driven world what do you need to stay safe from hackers? The answer is simple – bulletproof encryption for your data.

As we know development in quantum computing is accelerating and has reached a new milestone in 2020. On December 3rd, 2020, China reported massive progress in its quantum research; claimed quantum supremacy and will continue to invest in the future of quantum computing.  Additionally, tech giants such as IBM, Google, Amazon and Honeywell are significantly multiplying their quantum power each year.

In June this year, Honeywell released its quantum computers with the commitment to increase its power 10-fold every year. Honeywell’s quantum computers are already being used by enterprises like Merck, DHL, BP, and Accenture. President of Honeywell Quantum Solutions, Tony Uttley told Tech Republic, “Next year what we will see is the advancement into some areas that really start to show promise…” And Research Vice President at Gartner, Chirag Dekate said, “2021 will be a pivotal year for seeing the maturation of the vendor landscape. Amazon, Azure, and other cloud service providers are aggressively ramping up their quantum capability.”

As quantum computing advancements rocket, organizations and government agencies need to prepare for post-quantum cybersecurity. It is integral you save your data from eavesdropping hackers waiting for a gateway into your network. IronCAP’s patent pending, cryptographic quantum-safe encryption is the best in business.  Andrew Cheung, CEO at IronCAP, said, “It almost felt like having the bulletproof vest before the first bullet injury.” But we know Q day will come much sooner than most people think.  Our IronCAP encryption available today is designed to provide security to your data now and in the future quantum world.”

The Quantum revolution is coming!  Are you ready?

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