Overpower Cybercrime with IronCAP X

The Director of Identity Security at Microsoft has been warning about the inefficacy of passwords and more recently about standard Multi-Factor Authentication. Malicious actors are looking to steal your data at all costs. With the ever evolving technological advancement, even the strongest password will not deter these bad guys for long, especially when quantum computing arrives.

One of the most common cyber-attacks today is via phishing. As you know phishing emails are sent by malicious actors posing to be someone you know asking for help or pertinent information. Phishing is designed to gain access to the victim’s personal information without them knowing. True story – Recently, one of our employees was a target of such a phishing email.  But because of IronCAP X she was able to distinguish between a malicious sender and an authentic sender.

Phishing is the most used hacking technique because the email seems to be coming from a legitimate contact.  He/She is in danger or needs help, and this makes us overlook the obvious warning signs. Here is when IronCAP X comes to use. IronCAP X is the world’s first quantum-safe, end-to-end email encryption and digital signature product. Our end-to-end encryption eliminates the intermediary server aka MITM (Man In The Middle) and our digital signature feature authenticates a legitimate sender from a malicious one. IronCAP X utilizes our patent-pending IronCAP Engine as the underlying cryptographic mechanism to ensure safety against cyber-attacks from not only the conventional world of computers today but also against future attacks from quantum computers.


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