CEO of 01 Communique responds to SolarWinds Hack

Andrew Cheung, CEO of 01 Communique and IronCAP, has 20 years of experience in remote access technology, SaaS technology, encryption and post-quantum cybersecurity. His company has developed and marketed the world’s first commercially available, end-to-end quantum-safe email/file encryption product. (For more information, please read our press release:

Q4 of 2020 was a game changer for cybersecurity. Although cyber breaches and many experts’ including Mr. Cheung’s warnings had been escalating for years, it is not until the recent SolarWinds cyberattack that has forced the industry to recognize its system failures.  Hopefully this incident has also awakened the self-satisfied slumber that is prevalent in many if not most organizations. Clearly this is a more complex and technical subject but while government agencies are still determining the magnitude of the breach, we know that the SolarWinds breach had been undiscovered for many months.  Hackers had accessed highly sensitive data in dozens of US and other sovereign governments along with many major corporations. Once the outer wall of security had been breached, hackers were free to search identities and hack masses of the world’s most sensitive data.

This is the point of contention that Mr. Cheung has been making to the industry for years. Breaches like this will occur again!  Human error and soon to arrive quantum hacking will continue to make our data vulnerable, and no easy solution is possible.

But let’s pose the questions – What if the data hackers have acquired is “useless”? How about a final line of defense that makes the stolen data “useless” both now and in the future? This is exactly what inspired Mr. Cheung to develop IronCAP – to provide quantum-safe data and end-to-end email/file encryption that will not just safeguard your data today but also be your armor for quantum hacking. So, as we go through a massive gut-wrenching rethink of cybersecurity, don’t miss the obvious.

The hacking threat is real and bad actors are certainly “pedal to the metal” refining quantum hacking. So, let’s not ignore a big part of the solution – a final line of defense with quantum-safe, end-to-end encryption that is low cost, unbeaten in a global hackathon and available today.

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