Benefits of the New I’m InTouch v9.5

01 Communique has just released a major update for its remote desktop product I’m InTouch.  This new version has lots of feature and performance enhancement.  Following are the highlights:

1.   The new v9.5 compliments the brand new I’m InTouch GoMail v1.0 app.

I’m InTouch GoMail is a revolutionary app that can mobilize your Outlook*.

You can now send email from your mobile device with attachments easily. Plus it is FREE!

Advantages of I’m InTouch GoMail:

- Read your Outlook Inbox on your mobile device

- No more storing of emails on your ISP and risk of a privacy breach

- Get notification of new emails received at your Outlook on your mobile device

- Insert attachments from your computer without leaving them on any cloud

- Save inbound attachments onto your computer

- Send/Reply/Forward activities completely logged on your Outlook

Stay tuned for the soon release date of I’m InTouch GoMail!

2.    Brand new notification mechanism compatible with most mobile devices (i.e. iPhones and Android phones) that has the new I’m InTouch GoMail app installed.  Once you have started using the GoMail app, you will be able to get notification of new emails received at your Outlook on your Apple or Android device.

3.   Improved compatibility with Google Chrome and Firefox which streamlines the starting procedures of a remote session of I’m InTouch

4.   Newly introduced “Post-trial Free Usage” period with limited features. This will allow a trial user to continue using I’m InTouch past the trial period for FREE but with limited functionalities (remote desktop will not be available past the trial period).

*Your Outlook computer must be I’m InTouch-enabled. You need to install the latest version of I’m InTouch v9.5 on your Outlook computer in order to use the I’m InTouch GoMail app on your mobile device.

This major update brings lots of benefits to current and new users of the I’m InTouch remote access software.
For current subscribers, please obtain your free upgrade by going to your I’m InTouch-enabled computer and right-click on the “Green Satellite” on the taskbar. Select “Run Update Now”.